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Due to more and more of my friends starting a blog, I have decided to join in the blogging frenzy and start one as well.. So here is to the many blog entries that i will write and hopefully not bore the readers to tears


Recently, I watched two action movies , one bad one good.. They were:


Now being the geek that i am, you will bet that i would be the first one that rushes to the theater and watch every 33 screening of spiderman. But unfortunately, i did not or should i say fortunately :p

Well, as many would know spiderman three is about how a strange black entity from another world bonds with Peter Parker and causes inner turmoil as he contends with new villains, temptations, and revenge . And of course, there would be the new Green Goblin, the Sandman and the Venom..

Well, with so many characters, i had high expectations of the movie especially since it was a high budget one.. Ironically, the more you expect from a movie, the worse it would get for me (apparently, that was how i consoled myself from the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban disaster)

Just like a rojak, Spiderman 3 had a lot of plotlines in the movie itself.. Maybe that is why it ran for like 2 hr and 15 minutes.. But with the MJ love story, the Sandman one
and the symbiote on Spidey and many others, it seems that the director or the editor had to cram so many different flavours into the story that it only comes out with one taste: that of cheesiness.. Like any good old Singaporean would know, a rojak has so many different ingredients mixed in it, but all of them comes out tasting out the chilli and prawn paste that the hawker has put. Similarly, the lasting impression that Spiderman 3 gives me is that of the painful lines and actions in the movie.. Imagine Toby Maguire thrusting his hips and swinging like a lunatic in the streets.. If it is to create a imfeeling that the new Peter Parker is in his own world, well, whoever thought of that succedded, He looks like he should be in the mental hospital soon… I think that Spiderman failed not because of its action. Infact, the many fighting scene were beautiful.. However, it failed to run smoothly in terms of narrative and the plot holes makes it seem confusing to the audience, particularly one who has suffered at the computer screens for hours..

Maybe next time,the crew can learn from this movie: less is more and the opening sequence was entirely uncalled for..

The next movie i went to watch was Next


Now since it is unheard of due to little publicity ( at least for me), this movie was about this guy who can see 2 minutes into his future and is based on the novel.. Since it IS an action movie, predictably the hero would have to go on a mission to save the world naturally..

With this movie, i enjoyed myself because of the narratives.. ok, the CGI was not THAT great to satisfy the geek in me but the story was cut in such a way that the pace was constantly fast and did not lag at any one point of time it was in fact so fast paced that Jessica Biel,


actually( cue: Promiscuos Girl by Nelly Furtado) did the “beast with two backs” with Nicholas Cage after barely knowing him for 1 day.. Yes, that’s right, it seems that in all action movies, the female interest would do anything for the male lead even if they met for less than 2 hours.. Talk about psycho…

Nevertheless, even if the female interest does act against the feminist’s movement, the movie still shines as the movie ran very smoothly. In fact, the way they leave a lot of things unsaid and not give long verbal explainations about why he can see makes the audience remember the movie even after the viewing..

Of course, since there is a love interest, there would be a fair share of the cheesy lines but thankfully, it is cut to a minimum..

However, the best part of the movie was the ending and many has agreed on that point.. It was great in that it was unexpected and very different from the usual movies in the same genre.. So go watch it and do not waste the $9.50 on Spidey 3..


~ by rojakgeekiness on May 23, 2007.

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