A Day at the Art Market

Last saturday i went to fort canning hill to visit an art market organised for the Singapore art festival (and turned cam-whore for a day)


I went with a friend where we saw a lot of really pretty stuff..

There were Jewellery


The owner told me that these decorations are called sun catcher. Apparently , they are traditionally stained glass window-hanging decorations that catch the light in the same way as a stained glass panel, only on a smaller scale.

Don’t you agree that they look so pretty on their own already?


There was also this gorgeous handmade key chains( see above).. the seller said that she carved them herself and she had sold a lot of these… The key chain was also very special in that you can ask her to carve ur name in a mirror-like fashion( think Da-Vinci Code)..

Since it was an art fest kinda event, there would of course be paintings and stuff.


Above is one of my favourite one.. i particularly like the one at the right hand corner… a very nice night scene lor ( something a early sleeper like me would never experience :p)

Here is my friend’s favourite one…


One particular astounded me the most.. According to the sign, he was suffering through bipolar disease and was using painting to depict his whole journey

Here are some of his painting


Here are some of his work


We also had wonderful cupcakes after the market… don’t u all find them cute?



Strangely for the artsy-fartsy event, the bizzare SPI( Singapore Paranormal Investigator) was also there… no idea, why they were there lol…



Here are some random photos lor of the art market




More Dolls


A scene on the second floor of the Singapore Dance Theatre


A man watering the plants ( no, he is NOT urinating)


On My Way Up Fort Canning..


~ by rojakgeekiness on June 19, 2007.

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