The Monster In Me

Well… As some of you all know, I came back from a trip in malaysia.. The gholiday was very fun and i enjoyed my two friend’s company.. But throughout the whole trip, i was filled with the green eyed jealousy known as jealousy especially when they seem especially close… So throughout the trip, i was torn between jealousy and self-loathing that i can be jealous about my own best friend.. I have no idea what to do and once i copntemplated that i should end the friendship with my best friend… Have no idea what is happening to me and is utterly confused… Oh well, wearing a mask over myself has always been easy but now i find that i can no longer take off that mask of mine… Maybe afetr all, pretense is really nothing.. Those who wear the mask for too long would find themselves no longer knowing what is true and what is false..


~ by rojakgeekiness on July 4, 2007.

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