Of Mussels and ice cream

Last Friday, Me and a group of colleagues went to vivo city for our dinner and get a chance to hang out ( I know.. it is tue alr.. but u see it is all because of this procrastinator guy…)

We went to this restaurant known as Mussel Guys .. Unfortunately for you ladies,even though it is a play on muscles, there is no beefy guy waiter that seems to step out of the Sunday Underwear Billboard… But we did have a good time trying out the dishes especially the seafood one..


Isn’t it nice? Plus there is a sea view.. Actually, I did not take that.. Got it out from some other blog.. hehe..

First it was the Spicy Prawn Black ink Linguine which two of my friends ordered


For those who don’t know, black ink pasta is just pasta dyed with ink from the squid and the taste is said to be unique.. However, for this dish, it seems that the hotness of the sauce has overcome whatever taste the original pasta had.. My colleague tried one strand before he mixed it in the sauce and said that it was vastly different with and without the sauce…

Next came the teriyaki chicken although why there is a fusion poultry dish for a seafood restaurant escapes me completely.


To tell you the truth, i had no idea what the dish taste like.. but what the heck the decorations i pretty enough 😛

Last but not least was my own order which was a chef recommendation.. It was tomato pasta with mussels.. Seeing that it was recommended, i had high expectations as well..


The review which i took the picture from panned the dish.. but when i tried it, i found that the mussels was actually quite fresh and i like the soup sauce.. Well, a man’s meat is another’s poison, i guess,


Me and Thomas at Mussel guys

After the dinner, we went to the arcade where the two guys lose to the two girls in some table top thingy 😦

After that strenous exercise ( to our wrists) , we went to Hagaan Daz and had some ice cream


The Cookie Crunch


Some sunrise thingy


The Chocolate Decadence… I had a chocolate-gasm eating this lor especially the Belgian Chocolate scoop .. yum yum


Ah Kim Cam-whores and poses with her ice cream


Hmm.. Delicious Ice Cream


Pose #2 for Thomas


Can’t wait to start my chocolate Decadence.. Yum yum


Ah kim and me.. Ok lah,, next time will call you Yan Jing lol and not Ah Kim Soh.. haha


The temp staff of Inchcape!!! Missing: Chin Wui and Jonathan cos they were busy 😦


Gal Power!


Me with Rebecca and Yan Jing.. Rebecca is the perm staff that is closest to us lor and very good :p


The two “green leaves” with the rose.. haha


Whole grp photo…

Really enjoyed myself that day.. BUT ate a lot of fattening food( mainly the ice cream).. Somemore, the day after i had another restaurant outing.. Sianz.. No wonder so fat until can see my stomach liao.. haha

Edit: There is more photos in the previous post.. But due to the unfortunate standard of the pics ( too embarrassing to make it public), i have locked up the post.. Attendees of the outing would be given the password to see the mess( no lah.. juz kidding)


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  1. aiYOooo!!! why got the side view photo of mine. reali terribly ugly…

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