Six Degrees of seperation?

Last Friday, after my dinner with my colleagues( i will post the pictures later)i received two messages miscellaneously.

This is the content..

From Y

Hey… X says hi..

From X

Hey… Y says hi..

Now this would be the ordinary prank that two friends would play on you on a boring summer friday.. but the strange thing was that X and Y came from different parts of life.. One was my best pal in my JC days while the other was from my ASOC camp OG grp… So u must understand that i was in a confused state…

Turns out that my JC pal went to join this community project that has 200 ppl involved and a twist of fate caused both of them to be placed in the same small group… Coupled with the fact that his facilitator for the FTB camp was a CCA mate, i was in a mood where i dunno whether to laugh or cry lor… Can only say that it is a wierd world

As my friend says:” It is not a small world, it is just that Singapore is so small…


~ by rojakgeekiness on July 22, 2007.

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