Watching Asian Boys Vol 3

I have just finished watching the show Asian Boys Vol 3 : Happy Endings..


It was a pretty nice play and although the actors did stumble a bit on the lines, i still enjoyed the play tremendously

The first part was about Chris, the protagonist, in his JC years and his bitter sweet love story with two guys, Kenneth and Samuel.This was mostly an adaptation of the book, Peculiar Chris.. For those who don’t know, this book is actually the first book in Singapore about homosexuality in Singapore… When i heard about this play, i was quite tempted to watch mostly out of curiousity… i have also read the original novel because of this show… For the first part, there were some parts that were left out from the play.. Mostly, this has to do with what happened to the protagonist in his National Service… True, people might scorn this adaptation as the novel was controversial and well known for the author’s writing on how the national service scorns the homosexuals.. However, i felt that these cuts made the novel into a different creature of its own.. Instead of the political statement, the adaptation became something of a fairytale, albeit a bitter one.. But one which is romanticized and who is optimistic instead of the cynical tone i have read in the novel.. It was also fun to see how the author comes alive on their own and talk to the author as if they too were more than sketches that the writer’s pen has produced

The second part deals with what happens 15 years later and Chris, who went to london in the last part, came back to Singapore… After the 15 years, the 4 characters in Chris’ JC years comes together, transformed.. In this second part, the dialogue becomes much more sharp and political.. There were often talks about the penal code 377A as well as a cheek-in the-tongue reference to the recent incident about the reliefing of a gay relief teacher.. Of course the latter may be very well due to the fact that the playwright himself was the main lead in the incident.. Just as dramatically like a wildfire, it seems that Chris does have a happy ending after all for like in the play, it is said ” Happy endings are imperative.It is only in fiction that two men can fall in love and live with it forever”

Lastly, i want to end with a quote from the play that i find especially meaningful:

” An autobiography is not what you have lived through.. it is a work of fiction where your life is what you want to live with”


~ by rojakgeekiness on July 26, 2007.

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