My Last day at ISS

Today was my very last day of my summer job( yes! a month of debauchery!)

A lot of people said that people are like a piece of clay.. Through each passing of time, the people we met would leave their fingerprints on us until finally we are molded into something else.. But whatsoever i like to thank all of my colleagues who have in one way or another helped me through these few months


The Titan Team and I.. Madeleine in the middle and Annie to the right


Me and the Titan Finance ops manager,Francis.. Whenever i smell peppermint, i would now think of him


Connie the lady who always has a smile and a joke to crack… :p


Teresa, my boss!!! Has a nice smile, doesn’t she?


Sophia the admin staff.. This is where we would get our “chops” of pay…


The O.D. for the hub (i think :p) a really nice person who always has a lame joke in his pocket..


Me, Jonathan and the AM.. ( you wouldn’t be able to guess her age!Young looking, isn’t she.. must be the genes 😦 )


Danny (second to the left) and the ever hilarious michael ( second to the right) who never fails to crack me up when he makes an overseas call


Me and Angela


Us and Becky~~ cannot say much if not she box my ear liao haha

And finally, the temps of inchcape.. a never madder crowd who always like to cam-whore( guys can cam-whore also lol) and give me support during some of my worst periods!!

p1000951.jpg Temps Unite!!!!


Me with the “blur queen” Ah Kim..(Ah Kim must buy lao por bing,K? then when Thomas buy lao gong bing back, can give us back together :p )


Jonathan, the dean-lister who has a laugh which always bring joy to all of us


The scandalous Thomas( lao gong bong remember, k?) who is crappy and likes to CAM-WHORE)


The temp guys in a phot0.. Chin wui is in the left.. Dun see him serious serious, hor.. his cold jokes would freeze you to death lol

I really want to thank all these colleagues .. Thanks a lot really!!! For the temp people, we may never see each other often and may eventually forget abt each other.. but i would always keep this pleasant memories in my heart πŸ™‚


~ by rojakgeekiness on July 27, 2007.

One Response to “My Last day at ISS”

  1. No worries
    With Thomas around he will organise gatherings and catch up sessions ok?
    Just be sure to come

    PS: Why is the penguin black in colour at its back and white in front?

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