Lesser Sung Broadway

Last saturaday, i went to the Young Musician’s Society to watch a concert called the Lesser Sung Broadway.. Well if it wasn’t for my friend who had free tix, i may not have gone at all LOL…

Anyway, the concert was a blast with the song “No Money No Talk” from the Bugis Street the musical (when i saw the programme sheet, i was like there is such a musical?).. Next Hawk Liu sang “Tell my Father” from Civil War.. However, things went a bit downhill as they sang songs from “The Chess” and slow songs from other musicals.. It wasn’t that the rendition was bad.. no.. But the tunes was seriously not catchy enough or me.. Maybe not for pop music junkies like me lol

However, i must applaud the cast for the second half of the show.. The Second half had slightly catchier tunes with songs from more well known musicals.. Perhaps this half of the show was more entertaining as i have watched most of the show that the songs were from.. But i really adored the rendition of “Written in the stars” from Aida… It was one of my favourite songs although i was a bit puzzled why it was lesser sung.. Oh well.. In terms of popularity, it was certainly no match for “Memories” which has been done to death liao.. For the song ” The confrontation” , however instead of the slow paced song that most would remember, it was quite fast paced as well as adding some hip-hop elements into it by having the performers dance in hip-hop moves..

Overall, i was quite impressed with the performance.. Like a gem that shines on its own rights, i fine that the concert was truly a hidden gem as well


~ by rojakgeekiness on July 30, 2007.

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