A Walk Down Mohammad Sultan

Yesterday, my obssesive compulsion took me down to Robertson Quay and i spent my afternoon wandering ard there…

As a cam-whore, it is of course my obligation to take some photos.. Albeit they are wierd photos lol :p


A mix of the new and the old.. I found this old sign just opposite the pristine white shophouses in Mohammad Sultan Road… What stories does it tell? I dunno but it is still an interesting sight..

Near the road, i found the Singapore Tyler Print Instituite.. Here re some of the prints..

(p.s. but right, there was to be no photography… but it was really too interesting not to take lol)


A flower print… This was just a sketch.. The final products featured lines of colours in the pic.. Distorting the pic’s reality.. But i still prefer the flower as real as possible

What does:

image018.jpg + image022.jpg becomes?


This was a collage that had a lot of the other exhibitedworks in the building


A painting by Ridley Scott… The design is actually quite nice and unique.. Although i still do not understand its significance :p



A print known as white lotus


A painting of Jackie Chan.. Although it looks ordinary in the pic.. In reality, the painting is multi- layered and the hair is on a different layer than the squares..


~ by rojakgeekiness on August 1, 2007.

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