My experience at Indignation

(warning really long post)

Well.. As those who have read my previous post knows, i had been to Indignation 2007. I know a straight guy who goes to a queer event like this would be quite shocking, it seems.. Some say that i was under the influence of the flamboyance of the Queen, some say i was curious and confused, while others just didn’t know what to say… But the truth is that i really dunno… Maybe it was a combination of all or it was none of them at all…. But nevertheless i can say that i really learned alot from these two days…

“and anyway it is probably half-true that homosexuals are creative writers, dancers, etcetera.And there is some biblical evidence of that and if we want creative people then we got to put up in their idiosyncrasies”

This was the quote at the back of the booklet… The Idiosyncrasies Exhibition was the main highlight for the 72-13 area for Indignation aside from the talks.. Consisting of 9 different exhibits by 9 different people, it was an exhibition of.. i dunno of the ultimate expression of gays in society?

When i first entered the hall, what greeted me was these 3 closets.. They were actually two installation, Closets from Miak Siew & Yeoh Wee Hwee’s “If Everyone is Different, i am no different”.. Why i lump them together was that the installation had involved a closet.. Here are the pics..


Closets by Miak Siew


The other installation art


This is a coat that is made out of buttons


A closer look at the coat


Interesting yellow tape at the base of the coat closet

This was one of the most intriguing exhibition.. As many of you know, “coming out of the closet” is a common terminology in the queer community but most interestingly, the closet’s interior also represents the truest innermost us… For the “Closets” it was about how parents keep liquor in their closet for the wedding banquets of their children.. So something that was joyous has now become a guilt, a kind of regret of the homosexual people perhaps? For the other exhibit, a simple closet has something flamboyant and well, colourful inside it seems.. But it was the heart that makes me pause and admire it.. It was a crystalline heat, shiny yet making it distant from other people.. Did it represent perhaps, that as someone who is gay, your heart must be hard and you must leave your heart when you come out? More interestingly was the commentary, “Please stay out of the closet” What does that mean? That once you come out, you cannot come into the normal world again?

Again this is my perspective and i may be wrong

On one wall was Alecia Neo’s ” Inherited Patterns of Thought”.. For this , i had really not much impact as the others.. But i could quote the pamphlet

“Inherited Patterns of Thought is an exploration of the self and its desire . Juxtaposing modern women of ‘westernization’ against traditional elements, he photographs reflect unfulfilled modern desires…





I have to agree that the photos were beautifully taken but even now, i still dun get the meaning of it at all.. Maybe i am not artsy enough lol

About “The Harvest”, this was an interesting combination of sexual (ahem!) with the vegetable.. As it is of a somewhat lurid nature, i would post it in here… Those who are interested may post their email in this comments and i would email them the password.. Warning: this is not for the faint hearted and is of a certain homo-erotic nature contained in it!!!

The rest of the exhibition was actually at the place where talks were being held.. But stupid old me actually tot it was at the other end of the building lol…

The 5 of the exhibition was mostly photography or sketching

First was smoke and mirrors.. This was a oil painting of a very masculine man, supposedly to represent how the effeminate impression people have for gays was actually very wrong


Beside the painting were two more paintings, drawn in the style of old chinese paintings… Titled ” Man of China” , it showed two mean enjoying the way of life together.. Ordinary stuff that people or a couple would do.. Making the two person more real in that aspect, i guess



Another interesting exhibit was Shi-losphy- Playing with food.. This was an exhibit whose artwork attracted me as well … With interesting taglines, it was a colorfl folder where several pictures was taken.. However, owing to the bad photography that i have, i could only take some


This was Caviar & Mother


The chinese caption reads “Sushi Bodies”


Says” Organic Vegetable Sandwich” The weirdo in me likes the mealworms on the veg.. haha

However, the most gain i got was from the talk itself.. The first one was “Walking out from the shadows”sgb_indignation.jpg

For this talk, there were 4 transsexuals who were in the trade(of the flesh) before coming out to work a day job.. When i first heard about the talk, i was quite bored as i feel that it did not (a) concern me or (b) would be related to me somehow.. Yet, i found the talk entertaining.. The four transsexuals were each in their own way unique in their nature.. Janice an older sister type, Rose an independent girl, Carol ever the typical flamboyant and flirtatious queen of her own and Shirley, a woman that actually reminds me of a typical chinese woman, with the shy smiles and all…And they did fascinate me a lot . Whether it was about their personal, financial or even family despair or how they have walked out from the darkness , they were honest, humorous and had me admire them for facing so much and yet being able to still walk on the hardest of days with a smile..

Of course during the session, questions about their experience in the flesh trade was asked and they regale us with tales of customers asking them to put waste on their face or to even Brad Pitt-look alike who would want to dress up as a girl..Of course there were also questions about the repercussion on them joining the Trade as well as their feelings during this period of time.. And each of them was honest about it

The talk was much more than i had expected.. Honest and funny about it, the women poured their stories to us.. And even then, they did not forgot to smile or comfort each other when describing the worst period in their lives… And i see within them a strong bond between each other.. Whether it was Rose making fun of Carol’s open flirtation to the audience or how Carol would ask Shirley to join them, there exists this sisterhood within them that was so strong and genuine.. It was something.. i dunno old traditioned? Something i may not even see in this lifetime at all..

However, i was quite disappointed with the next talk i had attended which was “Bifocal”.. This was as the emcee had said” not a talk about optics but about the bisexual people” .. Strangely for something that had gripped my interest so much, it was disappointing.. The panelist this time was a group of bisexual woman with only one bisexual guy.. Even the emcee was bisexual.. This was promising at first .. As they introduce themselves, i found them to be quite reticent as if unwilling to talk.. But i still had high hopes as i thought that since they were all relatively younger than the group from “Walking Out of The shadows” as well as being more educated, they would be more open and be able to express their opinion better.But compared to the talk yesterday, this group was less willing to talk about it.. As one person had put” Until half past four, i still thought that bisexuality was a term used by straight women as an excuse to sleep with gay women and for gay women to have straight relationships”

The whole talk basically revolved in two questions.. “Would bisexual people be more willing to cheat on their partners” and “Can bisexual people be monogamous” as well as ” Do you think Bisexual people are unaccepted byte queer community?”

The question was not to say totally unanswered but it was weary to see how the mic was passed from one person to another, like playing musical chairs, all trying to avoid answering the question.. And although the emcee was well prepared on what to ask, a lot of them had “no comments” or “i agree with what xxx had said”..To make thigs worse, a lot of time was wasted as the panelist asked for the question again.. Moreover as the questions became repetitive, it got to the point that the group was so weary that they said that they had already addressed the questions several time ..It was as of the talk had no spirit and the participants were unwilling to talk about it.. Although for a lot of time, confidence was stressed to be the key for admitting that oneself is bisexual.. It was as if the participants had been tired from being attacked and having to explain to themselves over and over again…

Butthe true turning point was from this Caucasian women who was bisexual talk about her experience with the gay community as well as her beliefs about this.. It was truly a breathe of fresh air in that she was confident about herself and was convicted about her beliefs as well.. That and a honest and open opinion truly made me see the view point of bisexuals itself..

From the two talks, i had really benefitted a lot.. ALthough both a minority in a minority community itself, they coming out and sharing their stories was a whole new experience for me.. I learned tolerance and how they are truly not that different from us . I have learned something that i had not known about this part of the community that is not so different as well.. They do have their dreams, their hopes, their beliefs and ultimately what they want in life.. Although the second talk was slightly disappointing but there is still a lesson learned there.. Maybe i would be there for sch event or maybe not.. But today, i can say my horizons has expanded by just another bit..


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4 Responses to “My experience at Indignation”

  1. thanks for dropping by

    just a few things – indignation is not just for the GLBT community – it is for everyone. and i would not jump to the conclusion that everyone who attends any of the events as being gay.

    btw 2 of the 9 artists are straight! (you guess who’s who!)

    when i wrote “please stay out of the closet”, i just find it strange that you would link being in the closet to being in the normal world. being out of the closet is being honest and true to oneself – it is about not needing to hide anymore.

    again, thanks for dropping by. if all the time, money and effort served to open your mind, it was well worth it.

  2. it certainly opened my eyes about a lot of things that was a world of its own to me… and i do understand that not all of the attendees were straight but that most of them were from the GLBT community or that was what it seems to me…
    do lemme know in future what events u all are holding.. would like to be a volunteer next time :p

  3. bring your friends. we want to open more minds – not necessarily to agree with us, but to think.

  4. i would love to.. but hasn’t the main events ended? btw congratulations on the success of the picnic and the run.. it really takes up a lot of courage to stand up to the authority :p

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