National Day Special: What if Singapore were a person?

Mr. Miyagi did a series of funny videos for National Day.. Here they are…

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

So for me, what would Singapore be like?Well here is my perception of SG as a person

(1) She would be a young woman in her twenties, bespectacled and always wearing shades of pastels (i dunno.. red always make me look fat)


(2) She would be working in a small office cubicle with landscape photos that she would never go to( Nepal? the scenery is beautiful lah but Jetstar never goes there lol)


(3) Would come to work on time dutifully and not take an MC at all..

(4) She would not like to work any overtime and would always leave straight away at six because she has prior engagement…..with the 7pm channel 8 drama and a tub of Ben’s and Jerrys

070221_tv.jpg & ben.jpg

(5) Claims to be open-minded but she also thinks that whoever does things different than her is simply suicidal


(6) She buys only Blue Cult Jeans (there is just something about Blue Cult that makes my butt stands out) but still cuts out supermarket coupon…


(7) Occasionally would splurge on fanciful items like Knee-High Black boots or a body-hugging leather mini which she would never ever wear..


(8) Her room is described by herself as “fusion” but is actually a mis-mash of stuff from different styles which was “in” at that period

(9) She has stacks of “cheem” books and play brochures in her room which she has never seen or read at all( American Beauty? Isn’t it that cute movie with that Kevin guy lar and with rose petals everywhere?)


(10) Looks cool and distant but actually would nag at her friends and mother everyone outrageously



~ by rojakgeekiness on August 9, 2007.

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