Talk about Trashy

Here is the latest single, China Wine, which is a collaboration between Sun Ho ( or better known as Ho Yeow Sun) and Wyclef Jean .. This was collected in Sun Ho’s latest North American Album…

For those who doesn’t know her, Sun Ho is the wife of Pastor Kong from City Harvest Church( aka the MLM church of Singapore).. She is also a pastor for CHC as well… Err.. Ok i may not be as open-minded as i claim to be … But a symbol of a faith acting slutty as a video? Not good i say… Well talk about white trashy here indeed :p

Well whatever praise/ criticism there is, watch the video and decide for urself lol …


~ by rojakgeekiness on August 11, 2007.

5 Responses to “Talk about Trashy”

  1. it’s a shitty video. Mdm Pastor Ho looks terrible and she can’r dance or sing. All i heard was ‘ china wine, china wine ‘. Are u sure this type of music can be a hit in america ?????

  2. yup.. it is.. apparently it is a certain chart.. Not very sure what it is.. but still.. Ai yah.. A man’s poison is another’s wine lol

  3. maybe pay someone to get into the chart ? If sun ho is really so popular, she will be interview by mainstream media, eg. CNN, vogue, times, etc…And she will be a big treasure to singapore. And all commercials endorsements will be going after her. All i could see was someone wrote she is no. 1 here, no. 1 there in ASIA. The way they wrote is as if she is more popular than andy lau, sammi cheng, etc..But the reality is no one seems to notice her except her personal self-proclaim news. The biggest one she made was sexually assaulted at 6yrs old by neighbour. Headlines in wan bao/shin min. I guess she is only artist in singapore to create this type of headlines before the launch of her albums.

  4. hmm.. that may be true.. after all the only time she won an award was all related to sales in singapore and had even beaten some of the more popular singers at that time… one wonders how still :p

  5. Aunty sun ho cannot make it lah. Stephaine sun already announced she will no longer compete in the most popular artist award in singapore. Instead, she will appear as a guest. This shows she has make it. Just look at aunty sun ho, still competing with the youngsters and pulling votes desperately in her website. Still have not make it but always have reports to say she is no. 1 here, no. 1 there. Done Singapore proud, etc……If she is so great, she would have announced much earlier than stephanie sun. Empty vessel makes most noise ne…..

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