Masks See of the week: Itinerant Tribe

Yesterday, i went to this art gallery , Utterly Art, for a dose of the artsy-fartsy… Went across this installation known as “Itinerant Tribe” by Lionel Lauret..

Apparently these paintings are “allegories which do not distinguish between race ,sex, religion or identity…. and bring about … the singlular characteristic of another tribe, another population”

Well , a pictures speaks a thousand word.. So here is actually what it seems like..


The whole exhibition was actually variations of the paintings above and like portraits, they are the ones staring right through us and meeting our glances.. The colours used was vibrant and colorful and at one point of time, actually reminded me of the tribal African masks.. And it seemed that they were portraits of each individual living being as the paintings were all labeled with names such as Yoko or Yin or Marilyn..

The other non-portraits were this series known as the Volcano Guardians and since there was to be no photo taken.. This was what was taken from the Internet


This ,i presume, was the third of the series being called Volcano Guardian III.. The whole series had interesting titles but what caught my eye was the first series whose alternate name was “With the last leaves, i make my wings” .. This was actually a silhouette of an angel-like figure painted in golden brown.. Surrounded by the figure were leave shaped object, also painted the same color, and the wings of the angel looks as if it were made by the leaves falling around them.. Well, it seems that i am still a sucker for the Autumn stuff :p

p.s. when i walked down the stairs, i saw a pamphlet for the Idiosyncrasies exhibition which was also part of the gay event…


~ by rojakgeekiness on August 14, 2007.

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