Odex with the smoking gun,babe

Well, as a lot of anime lovers have known, ODEX ( the high price low quality anime VCDs seller) has been going around tracking down illegal bittorent downloads of anime and presenting those downloaders with warning letters( not the nice ones but a nasty lawyer letters) and in some case, a $30,000 fine :p  Well thanks to some detective work in the hardwarezone forum, we find this..


xysing being one of the director of ODEX.. well, i dunno about youth lingo( not that he is too old himself.. yes, i saw the guy before).. after some checking, “double-6-ed” apparently means “owned” so Mr. Stephen Sing has apparently been bragging about him owning the downloaders… Well, when i heard it, frankly i was disgusted..

Way to go, Odex.. The last time i went there, i thought they would have improved the quality OR even lower the price.. Well, none of the good stuff was done(students having discounts, freebies for otakus” but the bad ones.. Oh yes, they have definitely done it.. Wonder what would happen to them lol… May the stones of Otaku fall on them


~ by rojakgeekiness on August 14, 2007.

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  1. Poopy! Poop! Poop pooping!

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