If there’re seasons( i.e. 天冷就回来)



Watched 天冷就回来 yesterday.. It was a chinese musical that was inspired by popular hits by the songwriter Liang Wen Fu.. The songs performed was really really great.. They were from a different generation from us.. but still it stirred me greatly as i remembered a lot of these songs from my time as a child, listening to my mother’s radio in the kitchen.. Of course, titles like 细水长流 and 排排坐 was also sang during my primary school days . In fact most of the songs was contemporary hits from the 90’s and during a period where cultural folk songs were popular in Singapore which is now known as 新谣 ….So it was this nostalgia that made up almost half of my pleasure in watching the shows..

The other pleasure was the fact that a lot of sappy love songs was sung and that the actors were quite adept in expressing their feelings through these songs.. Whether it was Jun Qiang (俊强)solo rendition of the song 久久才见到你的好 or the male leads, A Le( 阿乐) , with the two female lead, Rose and 小静 (Xiao Jing) , singing at times apart, at times together the song 从你回眸而去那天. And because it was an old song, so it had a certain poetry to its lyrics which was way too slow and reservedfor a contemporary song and very appropriate in the musical.. It had a certain shyness about it that was so characteristic of the last generation’s songs that is seldom seen in this day of ours.. And those who know me knows that i am a actual sucker for romantic songs lol..

So here i leave you with one of my favourite songs in the musical… Not the main hit but the most memorable song from the evening


每一次我走近 总是那么悄悄
你讶异 让你发觉自己是幻影
你 总是那么细细的
不让寂寞听到 嘲笑我用温柔
每一次我离去 总是那么轻轻的
你惊醒 让你发觉醒在我梦里
每一次我等你 总是那么静静的
不让光阴知道 安慰我用无言

一个一个的日子 砌成一幢孤单的房子
的日子 从你回眸而去那天开始
的日记写成诗 诗的背后寻到你名字

感觉 有如雨的缠绵
的岁月 而我却依然不知不觉
感觉 有如风的缱绻
的日夜 吹也吹不走的容颜


~ by rojakgeekiness on August 24, 2007.

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