Jesus camp: a look at Charismatic Christianity


If you were to see kids as young as six or seven rolling on the floor, some babbling incoherent words, some tearing away and shaking uncontrollably, what would be your reaction? No doubt , some people’s reaction would be the same as mine which is to say ( mentally or verbally)”WTF?!”

But mention to some , this scene was at a service and some may understand… What the kids was doing was what is known as being possessed by the holy spirit… And speaking in tongues and being possessed by the spirit is very common in charismatic Christian churches and i know for a fact, a certain church whose service is conducted in the Expo also believes in members speaking in tongues as well..

i understand all those but still it was awfully disturbing to see the kids do the same.. And you can see it from the film Jesus Camp.. Here is the trailer:

The film Jesus Camp is actually a documentary about a certain charismatic Christian summer camp known as Kids on Fire School of Ministry which is run by Becky Fischer.. In this camp, they were supposed to learn and practice “their prophetic gifts”, i.e. theyould be preached at and learn how to preach to other people…

And if you think by preaching, it is children sitting quietly in a circle while the person who is doing the preaching speaks softly and calmly about his or her experience, you are so wrong.. As Rachel, one of the leads in the film says, God doesn’t like non-charismatic churches( even calling them “dead churches”) .. No no… Their service is emotionally charged and you can see from the film, the tears, the jumping , the shouting and the loud music that is the substitute from traditional hymns..

And it gets even chilling when you hear Fischer comment on how children needs to be on the forefront on leading America towards conservative Christian values as well as that kids need to be trained in religious warfare as “the enemies”( as she put it ” Either you are Christian or you are not”).

But what put the arrow through my heart was the kids’ performance.. Painted in tribal colours and everyone seem to be a bit tribal in their service.. I can see that the children had truly becomepart of “the Army of God” as Fischer puts it…T


For me, children are a group that are purest on virtue of their little experience with the world and thus has a lot of potential still.. But educating like them in that way feels a bit off to me..And we cannot blame the camp for turning these children into … well i hate to say it but i feel that the children have now turned something like children soldiers in a war, brainwashed into hating the enemy without even thinking why.. So like the japanese people in Japan, the children now condemns other people , thinking that they are filthy and evil without actually seeing for themselves.. And to use children as weapons… Well, it is disgusting and downright dirty for them… Do not believe what i just said? Then hear this:

Tory, another lead, in a deleted scene was brought by a woman to a pro-life women’s clinic to visit.. They also brought these children to a protest against abortion in White House( in the film) .


But to tell the truth, how many children actually knew what is abortion ? Or are they like a mirror, merely a mouthpiece of these conservative Christians? And why do that? Why brainwashed these innocent and believing young kids? Are you really educating them and doing good or are you changing them into prejudiced, bitter people who takes every single word a pastor said literally?

Let me end this with a food of thought.. At the end of the film, Fischer said that although she thinks democracy is the greatest form of government, it fails in that everyone has equal freedom.. So does she means that she wants to deprive others of their freedom? And why?


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