Some place good

Sometimes , i would wake up to a song which my mom’s radio is playing and this morning, it was this song… Quite a song that was unpopular and all but still,it is pretty soothing… Here is the song.. There is no MTV for it but in this video, the song was used with the scenes from CSI.. Listen to it lol..

R. Walt Vincent – Someplace Good

Hope you’re finally feeling better
Hope you’re in a prouder space
Hope it wasn’t hard to get there
You found peace and you feel safe
Good to know you finally made it
Out of thee your neighborhood

I know you love to travel
I know you love the stars
But did you just unravel
Half the way to Mars
I hope they’re coming to your rescue
Like they said they always would
When they left, I let them take you
I hope they take you someplace good
Someplace good

Did you see this morning’s paper?
Did you catch an early train?
Did you finally meet the maker?
Did you finally find loving?
Or did you simply end up
Exactly where you should
You hope this was your last stop
On the way to someplace good
Someplace good
Someplace good
Someplace good
Someplace good


~ by rojakgeekiness on September 2, 2007.

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