CPL Dave’s adventure in Cineleisure


SINGAPORE : The armed NSman, who was caught in Orchard Road on Monday night, has been charged in court with carrying a firearm unlawfully.

20-year-old Corporal Dave Teo Ming went missing on Sunday night from Mandai Hill Camp.

A 20-hour manhunt for CPL Teo, who had the SAR 21 assault rifle for guard duty, ended on Monday night at Cathay Cineleisure.

CPL Teo has been charged under the Arms Offences Act which states that any person who is found guilty of unlawfully carrying any firearm shall be punished with a jail term of not less than 5 years and 6 strokes of the cane.

Well , what wasn’t said was that it was a 20 hours hunt and that the time when he was caught was during 8pm… 8pm in the Cathay Cineleisure was a pretty crowded hour where those who work 9-5 may go there for a movie as well as those bo-liao students.. And imagine the impact that that would cause IF CPL Teo would have fired a gun or even hurt someone.. And 20 hours is a long time.. What was the police doing? Drinking tea/coffee in the nearby kopitiam ? A rifle running around is a dangerous thing you know.. If you estimate the time to estimate the person to be quite long( i mean you are the police after all), then you should have the decency to inform the public.. But no.. the police did this instead.. The reason?

Police stresses that the safety of the public was foremost as they planned CPL Teo’s capture. Maintaining operational secrecy was also vital to a safe and successful operation.

And in the interest of public safety, a decision was taken by the police not to make the information public as that might put him on his guard or make him feel cornered, and this might also endanger the public.

Oh i see.. So to facilitate the capture, information is withheld huh.. And plu the fact that you think we do not know how to maturely handle the situation.. Reminds me of how the Bible was withheld from the Christian Public in the Dark Ages as well.. Hmm food for thought then..

But anyway, i pity the poor guy.. Kanna rotan ( which means ‘caning’) is just bad but kanna DB( the military camp) one month before your ORD ( which is the date where guys are no longer tortured) is seriously sad.. Plus DB= no future jobs or further studies in the state of Merlion lol…But seriously, it is still kinda dumb to do that sort of thing shortly b4 you ORD.. Guess the poor guy was driven mad lol.. Apparently, his ex-girlfriend broke up with him some five months ago and went for a SHE (i.e. became bent :p)..

i guess the unit and all the RPs( and those poor punished guards) sure kanna one time jia lat jia lat ( would come out the worst victim from the incident) lol. i guess the guards in the camp would now be tortured by the officer in charge that night with drills and turn-outs every single hour.. i guess they are the worst victims after all.. Kanna weekend guard duty ( a typical punishment for SAF) = weekend burned ( means ” there goes my holidays) and tekaned( tortured) by officers.. Really damn sian sia…


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