Being an bonsai tree in a forest

As i wrote in an earlier blog entry, a teacher from RI ( a school in Singapore) had written in his blog an open letter about him being gay at Saturday evening.. Picked up by the blogging community, the letter spread like wildfire and before long, thousands have seen it already.. However, at Monday afternoon, the blog entry was pulled down as with the comments with it.. Those who still have not seen the letter can click here to see it..

Why did he pull out the articles? Apparently, an article from, reported that the Ministry of Education (MOE) had pressurised him to do so.. The article also reported that MOE had on Monday, published a statement which said that “does not condone any open espousal of homosexual values by teachers in any form, in or out of the classroom” as “teachers are in a unique position of authority and are often seen as role models by their students.”

Also MOE said that in regards to this incident,“The school has spoken to the teacher concerned and the teacher has agreed to take down his blog in the best interest of the students. The Ministry supports the action taken by the school on this matter.

There is a Chinese saying that goes “不管是黑猫还是白猫,只要能抓到老鼠的就是好猫。” which translates as whatever the colour of the cat, as long as it can catch mice, it is a good cat.. As long as a person is good at his or her job, why must we care what he or she does outside of the job as long as it does not affects his performance? Similarly, I feel that if a person can teach his class the right thing and impart the right value to them, then he is a good teacher.. Why must we then care about his sexuality? To decide this question, let us look at why people think that being gay would affect the teacher being a good role model to his or her students…

1. Homosexual teachers would cause students to be confused about their sexuality and may turn some students into gays due to their influence.— Although this may seem funny to those who read this, but a lot of people do react this way when faced with someone whose qualities is vastly different from them.. Just like in the 196os, there were segregated pools for people with different skin colours and the blacks and the whites do not mix because they were afraid that the blacks would rub off some influence to the white people if they were in close contact.. Similarly for a lot of people, the minority people ( in terms of colours or sexual preference) was treated as if they were down with a contagious disease .. So they think instinctively that if they come close to these people, they would be affected as well.. Of course many of you may think this is a stupid idea but let me tell you that it is very true in today’s society still.. Just count the number of people who are vastly different from you in many regards in terms of personality that are your friends and tell me if it exceeds 10% of your total friends populations.. But i am not saying that straight peole are prejudiced or what.. Homosexual people are guilty of such crimes as well… The proverb “Birds of the same feather flock together” is not without reason.. So may parents would instinctively not want their children to mix with people whose background is different from them

Moreover, if a teacher can affect whether you are gay or straight, then why would the gay people in our society exists? Because they also had a ton of straight teachers and they should theoretically be influenced to become straight as well.. So why did they remain the same? This proves that the line of thinking is flawed because i feel that a person’s sexual preference is something so innate that it cannot be influenced easily.. I feel that it is like an integral part of your person already..

If you are still adamant that gay teachers are a bad influence, think about it this way.. If you feel that having a homosexual teacher would make your son gay or your daughter lesbian, then think about this: how many homosexual teachers would your son or daughter be in contact with out of his or her say 30 odd teacher in his ten years of schooling ( primary school and secondary school)? 10% ? 20%? Statistically, if the LGBT community ( the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual) is equal to the number of straight people there is out there, the chance is still 50:50.. And we know that the straight people do outweigh the LBGT community by quite a bit.. So if a teacher’s influence is equal, wouldn’t the “bad” influence of the gay teachers be negated by the “good” influence of the straight teachers.. So let me assure you that even if you fear the bad influence, it wouldn’t happen still…

2. Homosexual teachers are all pedophiles- Now this is funny.. But i can understand where the people come from.. Remember how i said that people would instinctively potray people whom they do not understand as a bad influence.. Here is another effect of this way of thinking.. Remember when you were small and you were left alone in your bedroom? Then recall how you would always fear that a monster would come out and eat you? People would always make monsters out of the things they do not understand and sadly, this is why many people are saddled with groundless prejudices.. From the scheming Jews to the idiotic Blondes, people would put labels every time.. And the label of all gays? Pedophiles.. This is not to say that no gays are not pedophiles.. Of course in every community, there is its own black sheep.. Of course, there would always be people who like little boys.. But similarly, there are also guys who like little girls.. So if we were to ban gay teachers on this basis, shouldn’t we then ban all male teachers from teaching girls and female teachers from teaching boys? And to say this is to undermine the contributions of the gay teachers out there and make them into lecherous man after the innocent young boys..

Of course other than these two reasons, there are many reasons that parents have been using when they found out that their children’s’ teachers is not straight.. But mostly these reasons are absolutely bizzare and without reason ( such as the teacher in question would infect the urinal with the AIDS virus which in turn would infect their children).. And i trust readers would be sensible enough not to be taken by them..

I am not saying that gay teachers are all good.. No one can say that.. But i am writing this because i feel that we must not prohibit any individual from having the desire to impart knowledge to our future generation, regardless of their sexual preference.. After all, who are we to judge? Let no man stop another man’s passion is what i am saying ( of course if your passion is illegal or harm people, it is another matter altogether)

But lastly, i would like to commend Otto Fong on his bravery and hope that this little Bonsai plant would grow into a tree that would shade many a sapling from the harsh sun and allow them to blossom on their own..


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