Tattoo City

“It’s human art that you can’t peel back off the human or put away in a dresser drawer. It’s an unselfish trade, is ours. I’ll tell you what it is, it’s personal socialism,lad. Everyone’s included, everyone gets to look in to a person and share them, like what they see or not…. I’ll tell you this, lad; a tattoo says more of a fellow looking at it that it can do of a fellow with it on his back”

– On the subject of tattooing, From the Electrical Michaelangelo by Sarah Hall

Tattoo has once been a symbol of gangsterism or so it seems in Singapore.. But nowadays, it has become a fad.. But is it just something like a fashion accessory? I beg to differ.. I feel that tattoos are canvas that represent a story about a person… Like in the olden days, people would pay artists to draw their potrait to capture their essence, tatto now acts as a funnel for the same way as well..

And this is what the artist in “Tattoo City” agrees with me as well.. This exhibition is basically a photo exhibition that has people of different backgrounds and colour show their tattoo and explain how exactly it means to them.. And it is very interesting how each tattoo actually tells is own story..

Like the old man whose tattoo tells of a chaotic time..


This grandpa actually tattooed himself so as to let his brother be able to identify his corpse during the World War II period


And this guy said that the reason he tattooed a phoenix was because a phoenix burns itself before being reborn and he hopes to be able to start anew after his burning incident..


And then there was tis guy who used it as a way to signify the death of his close friend..

And there are numerous more photos.. If u wanna have a look at these stories, go down to the parliament house today and see for yourselves the stories that the tattoos whisper and what they have to tell


~ by rojakgeekiness on September 17, 2007.

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