Scam Scam Scam

Ever since i put up my email on some of the websites, i started having spam like this

I am John England, an Army contractor attached to the US Army corps of engineers in Iraq. The reason why I’m explaining my findings to you are to seek for your assistance to enable you contributes immensely to the actualization of my dream.

On the 30th day of June 2007, I and my group of men under my supervision were alerted on the need of some urgent reconstruction works in Haifa Street, a long thoroughfare of high-rise buildings built and occupied by Saddam Hussein when he was alive here in Baghdad. Immediately we proceeded to the site and as we commence work to our utmost surprise we discovered a huge underground bunker in one of the buildings. Upon investigation of the bunker to our surprise we discovered one very lager box safely hidden and sealed together with numerous other boxes filled with different item, However I was attracted to the large box which was the only sealed box of them all, I told my men to open the box in order to find out the contents and when they were opened to our amazement the boxes contained US Dollars which amounted to $46M after time was taken to count them in bundles and rolls.

I however instructed them to keep this in high secrecy so that we can have the money to our selves, they all agreed to the plan, I wisely took the decision for us to share the money between our selves right there in the room to avoid suspicion in moving the very large box and that led me to having US$10.2 Million (US$10,200,000) as my own share of the money after which I concealed it in one box and decided to get the money out of the country but first I hid the money in a safe and untraceable location.

I am now in desperate need of a “Reliable and Trustworthy” person like you who would receive, secure and protect these boxes containing the US Dollars for me up on till my assignment elapses here. I cannot leave the boxes here in Iraq like most of my men have foolishly done due to many reasons one of which is because Iraq is getting unsafe and dangerous everyday and a full blown civil war among Shiites and Sunni Iraqis may start any moment. I assure and promise to give you 14% of this fund, however feel free to negotiate what you wish to have as your percentage in this deal.

and so on and so forth.. and being the sian guy at the QF class, i replied this guy and here is the reply:

Thank you so much for your response which have calmed my situations and given me a strong heart to move on in life. On my own part I have made up my mind to send the boxes to you as well as entrust the money with you in full faith and I pray and hope you won’t betray the trust I have in your capability to handle this transaction. Please assure me you will do a very good job securing this box.

I am 51years old, living in the state of Mississippi . Like I had mentioned in my first mail, am an Army contractor attached to the US Army corps of engineers in Iraq .

I have attached my valid state of Mississippi driver’s license and my United States of America Department of the Army authorized Army Contractor Identification Document for your understanding of my genuity and personality. I am giving you these on trust and in total confidence and you must never attempt to betray me please. For further clarification I have attached my personal picture here in Iraq, am dressed up against stray bullets, that explains why am like a pure soldier. From this brief introduction of my humble self you would understand that am real and totally genuine, hence my proposal is unquestionably 100% real and very beneficial if only we are destined to be business partners.


Now.. this just reeks of scam and further more, the license he gave was obviously fake.. i think my 1 year old baby cousin , with her head covered and her ears plugged, can tell a more convincing lie LOL.. If you dun believe, see this:

And if that guy who sent me this sees them, pls do not send such $%#$ email to me,k? Dumbass




~ by rojakgeekiness on September 25, 2007.

7 Responses to “Scam Scam Scam”

  1. I’m currently baiting a lad using the same ID and script but with the name “Ellan Willam Jr”, seems that the dumb eejits buy the script along with the identification made for them.
    Here’s the links to the ID he provided me:

    He does look like a child molester though.

  2. What’s funny is not only has “William Jr. Ellan” OBVIOUSLY been pasted under the large photo on the driver’s license (darker type, different font than the address below the name), the signature next to the smaller photo on the bottom right still reads “John T. England, Jr.”

  3. This is such a fake it is amazing. Use to work for the police department. This guy is a piece of work. LOL

  4. one year later i received the same exact email.the same exact picture.insane and shameful.

  5. You can add the name… Trace Johnson to the list.
    Same letter and scam.

  6. I know this is a very old thread, but the DoD ID is not fake, the gentleman is in DEERS, and the data on that card matches his in the system. No ID issued after Feb 2012 though. Looks like the contract he was working ended. Address in DEERS is in MS too, in the city named on the DL. My guess is someone found (or stole) this mans wallet back in 2004-2008. Certainly the person sending the email is not the man on the ID’s.

    • I know the man who’s in the pictures. That’s his name and he did work overseas. He believed in the scam and willingly gave the scammers his picture and took pictures of his id’s for them. They took on his identity after that.

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