A new beginning: The story of tarot Part I – The Fool

Many people have told of the Tarot story, depicting the fool’s journey through the 22 Arcana. I would try to do the same and I hope you would enjoy the story as much as I had.


Once there was a young man who packed up all his possessions into a bag to go on a long voyage. He did not know where he was going or why he wanted to go. Filled with his own dreams of his exciting journey, he dropped all his possessions without him noticing. He soon walked up a cliff and was about to fall.  A tiger came and gnawed at his calf  to warn him but all he could see was the butterflies and doves surrounding him.

The Fool often represents a new start to something. Whether it is a new job, relationship or house, the change is absolute and often initiated by the Querent itself. It may also mean new ideas coming to the Querent.

However, the Fool is not without it weaknesses. Unwise in material matters, it may also mean a foolish investment that may cost the querent.


~ by rojakgeekiness on November 1, 2009.

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