Seeking the mystery: The story of tarot Part II – The Magus


Falling down from the cliff, the Fool suddenly found himself floating down safely to the bottom of the cliff. Shrugging his shoulders, he traveled on ahead to find a Magus from far. The Magus stood tall and confident and the Fool was suitably impressed. The Magus beckoned to the Fool to come closer. As the fool came closer, he saw that the Magus was surrounded by his tools.   The fool saw the endless possibilities that the tools could create. The cool, airy sword of intellect, the fiery wand of regeneration, the cup of love and emotions and the pentacles of possession.  Floating on the right of the Magus was an winged egg. Plucking the winged egg from the air, the Magus gave it to the Fool with a smile.

The Magus is represented by the Planetary trump of Mercury. Any good astrologist would tell you that Mercury often represents communication and activity. And that is essentially what the card represents. In a reading, it would mean that the Querent have the necessary skill, wisdom or cunning to deal with the matter at hand.


~ by rojakgeekiness on November 3, 2009.

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