Initiatrix: The story of tarot Part III- The High Priestess


Continuing the journey, the Fool suddenly saw that night has descended. He saw that the moon was full and shone brightly on the land. He then came upon a beautiful lady veiled in light. Across her stood two pillars.  She was The High priestess and proceeded to astonish the Fool by knowing everything about him. The Fool asked her where he should do next and she gave him the book she was reading. Reading the first few pages, the Fool knew what to proceed next but he was eager to know what laid beyond these pages. Before he could, the High Priestess took the book from him and said ” we will meet again when you have decided to travel the secret path.”

It is curious that the High Priestess represents the Moon while the Moon represents Pisces. The High Priestess is all about secrets. Whether it is self-discovered secret or a person who would reveal their secrets, the Querent would gain these dark knowledge and gain insight into the matters.


~ by rojakgeekiness on November 5, 2009.

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