The female force: The story of tarot Part IV – The Empress


Impatient to make his future a reality, the Fool stride ahead in haste. Soon he found himself in a lush garden and in a bed of roses sat the Empress. She had hair of spun gold and her stomach was very much pregnant.

Kneeling, the Fool related his story to the Empress. Seeing his impatience, the Empress smiled and said ” a newly-planted crop, it requires attention and time. In this way, the fruits harvested would be the sweetest”. Understanding that time is needed to build and create the future he wanted, the Fool thanked the Empress and walked out of the garden.

The empress represents that the Querent needs to become a mother figure in his or her latest projects. By taking care of the most minute details, the new project would grow into the outcome that the Querent would desire.

Drawing the Empress card could also mean an arriving of a new child or a new relationship. In many cases, it may also mean luck is coming the Querent’s way as well.


~ by rojakgeekiness on November 7, 2009.

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