Building the foundation : The story of tarot Part V – The Emperor

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The Fool was given options by the Magus, and decided on one with help from the High Priestess. He learned how to develop it, thanks to the Empress. Now he must manage it. How to do this? He approaches a great Emperor seated on a stone throne. The Fool is amazed by the way the Emperor is instantly, eagerly obeyed in every particular, at how well his Empire is run. Respectfully, he asks the Emperor how it is he does this. And the Emperor answers: “Strong will and a solid foundation. It’s all very well,” he explains to the Fool, “to be dreamy, creative, instinctual, patient; but to control one must be alert, brave and aggressive.”

Ready now to lead rather than be led, the Fool heads out with new purpose and direction.

The Emperor literally represents the male creative energy. With that, it comes with ambition and pride. But it may also lead to arrogance and war. This means that the querent should be aggressive and brave. It also means that the Querent must take the leadership role and be proactive in the matters concerned.


The female force: The story of tarot Part IV – The Empress

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Impatient to make his future a reality, the Fool stride ahead in haste. Soon he found himself in a lush garden and in a bed of roses sat the Empress. She had hair of spun gold and her stomach was very much pregnant.

Kneeling, the Fool related his story to the Empress. Seeing his impatience, the Empress smiled and said ” a newly-planted crop, it requires attention and time. In this way, the fruits harvested would be the sweetest”. Understanding that time is needed to build and create the future he wanted, the Fool thanked the Empress and walked out of the garden.

The empress represents that the Querent needs to become a mother figure in his or her latest projects. By taking care of the most minute details, the new project would grow into the outcome that the Querent would desire.

Drawing the Empress card could also mean an arriving of a new child or a new relationship. In many cases, it may also mean luck is coming the Querent’s way as well.

Initiatrix: The story of tarot Part III- The High Priestess

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Continuing the journey, the Fool suddenly saw that night has descended. He saw that the moon was full and shone brightly on the land. He then came upon a beautiful lady veiled in light. Across her stood two pillars.  She was The High priestess and proceeded to astonish the Fool by knowing everything about him. The Fool asked her where he should do next and she gave him the book she was reading. Reading the first few pages, the Fool knew what to proceed next but he was eager to know what laid beyond these pages. Before he could, the High Priestess took the book from him and said ” we will meet again when you have decided to travel the secret path.”

It is curious that the High Priestess represents the Moon while the Moon represents Pisces. The High Priestess is all about secrets. Whether it is self-discovered secret or a person who would reveal their secrets, the Querent would gain these dark knowledge and gain insight into the matters.

Seeking the mystery: The story of tarot Part II – The Magus

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Falling down from the cliff, the Fool suddenly found himself floating down safely to the bottom of the cliff. Shrugging his shoulders, he traveled on ahead to find a Magus from far. The Magus stood tall and confident and the Fool was suitably impressed. The Magus beckoned to the Fool to come closer. As the fool came closer, he saw that the Magus was surrounded by his tools.   The fool saw the endless possibilities that the tools could create. The cool, airy sword of intellect, the fiery wand of regeneration, the cup of love and emotions and the pentacles of possession.  Floating on the right of the Magus was an winged egg. Plucking the winged egg from the air, the Magus gave it to the Fool with a smile.

The Magus is represented by the Planetary trump of Mercury. Any good astrologist would tell you that Mercury often represents communication and activity. And that is essentially what the card represents. In a reading, it would mean that the Querent have the necessary skill, wisdom or cunning to deal with the matter at hand.

A new beginning: The story of tarot Part I – The Fool

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Many people have told of the Tarot story, depicting the fool’s journey through the 22 Arcana. I would try to do the same and I hope you would enjoy the story as much as I had.


Once there was a young man who packed up all his possessions into a bag to go on a long voyage. He did not know where he was going or why he wanted to go. Filled with his own dreams of his exciting journey, he dropped all his possessions without him noticing. He soon walked up a cliff and was about to fall.  A tiger came and gnawed at his calf  to warn him but all he could see was the butterflies and doves surrounding him.

The Fool often represents a new start to something. Whether it is a new job, relationship or house, the change is absolute and often initiated by the Querent itself. It may also mean new ideas coming to the Querent.

However, the Fool is not without it weaknesses. Unwise in material matters, it may also mean a foolish investment that may cost the querent.

Flogging a dead horse back to life

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After not blogging for almost 2 years, I would like to try my hand at blogging again.LOL

For structure sake, I would want to talk more about my interests as well as share my knowledge in this blog as well 🙂

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Since my blog now is deader than a dead horse and wouldn’t bat an eyelid even if you have flogged it to death, i have moved.